Compliant Automation

If you need Compliant Automation solutions, we can help. At SL Controls, we have extensive experience in the development, programming, and validation of automation solutions.

We use tried and tested processes to provide you with a bespoke solution, regardless of the platform you use. This ensures you meet your compliance objectives and responsibilities in a way that is as efficient and cost-effective for your business as possible.

Our Expertise

We can help you in a range of areas, including those below. Every project is unique, however, so contact us today to discuss your requirements. We have particular expertise developing innovative solutions for challenging situations.

Line Clearance

Our Line Clearance and Batch Execution Systems are designed to provide a secure, auditable and rapid changeover between products on integrated equipment. We manage the interactions in partnership with the user by:

Creating line clearance interlocks and product changeover controls for batch management.
Interacting with and controlling all printer details, vision verification systems, Batch parameters and machine recipe changeovers
Performing all data logging from the line for process parameters and OEE calculations.

The systems we develop are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant plus we can fully integrate them into your Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Machine Procurement Services

We can provide you with vendor-independent support to ensure you acquire the right technology for your manufacturing requirements. Our line-specific, comprehensive, and holistic design plan reduces costs for clients and ensures the best possible Overall Systems Effectiveness (OSE).

Bespoke Software Development

Our software development team are experienced in the design and implementation of bespoke, validated applications within regulated environments. These unique solutions can enhance your manufacturing facility with automated manufacturing, testing, logging, reporting, and visualization features.

Our knowledge and expertise extend to a range of platforms including NI LabVIEW, VB .Net, SQL, C++, Wonderware, Cimplicity, Zenon, Allen Bradley, Siemens, CODESYS, Elau, and more.

Manufacturing Control Networks

A properly designed manufacturing network is critical to capacity, reliability, redundancy, and equipment optimization, including OEE. We are specialists in both developing and implementing:

Horizontal integration systems that facilitate communication between inline devices resulting in improved product traceability, machine utilization, and overall line performance.
Vertical Integration systems to provide full line analysis plus reporting systems, lot / batch data logging, and product tracking.
External Integration to allow secure remote support services that can access your manufacturing process to minimise delays and disruptions.

Production Line Software System Support

We can provide you with an efficient and professional support service through an ITIL-compliant service desk. This is web-based so your team can log customer support tickets and service requests 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

You will get a completely tailored Service Level Agreement that meets your requirements and budgets. This can include on-site support as well as support provided with remote technologies.