TOTALline Technical Data

Improve OEE in Your Line

TOTALline is a suite of software products that will improve the performance of your production line. It integrates machines and sites, automates and improves batch control, provides you with better access to data, and more.

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Customisable Modules

The TOTALline suite of products is customisable so you can select the modules you need with complete flexibility.

Over one million engineering hours went into producing the modules which are off-the-shelf, highly configurable, vendor-neutral, safe, fully compliant, and secure.

Every module will integrate seamlessly into each network layer of your operation.

Product Lines


Existing manual processes are inefficient. TOTALdata captures all actions, events, product information, and procedures in a single, validated data logging and reporting application, regardless of site location, machine location, or equipment vendor.

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For the production of plastic bottles factory


Manual batch control is laborious, prone to error, and time-consuming. TOTALbatch handles the issuing of a batch from your ERP layer to the relevant machine. It also tracks every batch providing you with full traceability at your fingertips.

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TOTALsolution gives you maximum control over the configuration of the system. You can completely customise the solution to match your business needs whether that is improved line clearance, enhanced machine integration, equipment ramp-up automation, and more.

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    Download Technical Data PDF

    To find out more about the modules, configuration options, and possibilities that TOTALline offers, please download our TOTALline Technical Data document by completing this form. Click the image to view the form.

    TOTALline can deliver OEE savings of up to 20 percent on your productions line. Find out more by contacting a member of our team today. Please email or complete the form.

    Speak to a member of our team today. Email or complete the form.

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